I’ve practiced hard
to be perfect
took a map
plotted my course
To be perfect
It may be something you will never know

My heart is so clean
pure and ready to love
I have something called
It may be something you never know

Where does the heart go
when it knows you aren’t ready
I swear it hurts
you know I’m sad
It may just be something you never know

I’ve just practiced so hard
to be perfect
I’ve taken your blows in stride
knowing more than I think you do
I wish this perfect heart could be something you could know

Absolute Princess Moment

Every woman is entitled to her princess moment, special days when she is the star. But rarely is she able to live in the moment. Things move too fast to savor, every detail fussed over, everything made to go smoothly. With plastic smiles, and butterflies, it all goes by and memories are only saved in photographs.
After the “princess moment” every woman should metamorphose into a queen. Sadly so many miss the cue or never understand this state is deserved by them. A Princess is fleeting, a Queen is absolute.
I was made to be a Queen and will never let any moment just pass me by. This is about my fairy tale, and I hope to make it a good one.