Cabaret Cruelty **Guest Writer 246Trinitrotoluene”

Cabaret Cruelty **Guest Writer 246Trinitrotoluene”.


tight skin

Tight Skin

I need to touch it

rough hands

I want them

to press my skin tightly

until I bruise

Its been a long time

way too long

Need a willing victim

to tangle myself with

Who cares his name

I just want long and lean

and need to go in search of it

Whatever happened to that woman I once was?

That would take a young thing down

in a heartbeat.

When did this virtuous bitch

take me over?

Don’t know, God

how long I can keep that promise

when all I can think of

the slide of a zipper

and the warmth inside

At this point I don’t care to know a name

Just want to take over another body

just for one night