Winter Blues

I hate winter, I hate snow, I hate ice, and I fucking hate the cold!
Being held hostage in this house, pacing like an animal.
Listening to music that influences me in the worst ways.
Ready to spring into action! Waiting for a daffodil,
to tell me its all ok.

Happy Valentines

I prefer a pistol to high heels
whiskey and cigarettes
over champagne and flowers
a V-8 Mopar  is better than a limo any day
cocaine rather than sushi
on a dark country road
with him
alone, my man and me
welcomed bruises
body heat to beat the chill
my hair wrapped in his fist
is more magical
than any box of chocolates
a hard fuck
is better than a ring any day

Another rig, another line
Nothing I can do
To take you off my mind
I miss you
Are you missing me?

I want to leave this mess
Will you be my savior?
Lost in the woods
Defenseless and the wolves
Are closing in
Save me, shoot them down

You’re in my blood
Your smile is my addiction
My body is sick without you
Eyes grow hollow and black
Ache all over
Until you are in
My veins all over again

Save me
I’m wilting away
The cold outside
Is creeping in
Waiting for your voice
Looking for a line
Desperate and lonely
But you will never know