WP_20140202_080[1]Life is like a well read novel; main characters, plots, chapters.  Every lesson learned is like a plot twist, and once it is done it is redundant to repeat such episodes. I want every page to be something to absorbed and well versed. How dreary is would be to exist as lines that can be quickly skimmed through.

If I were to title the current chapter in my life it would be “Awake but Dreaming”. Although I experience such clarity, sometimes events seem like a dream. I approach situations and relationships with logic and uncanny observation. I am misunderstood, but I understand. I am happy, but sad for others.

Everyday is art waiting to happen, colors and sounds dancing around asking to be captured. There are so many muses to explore, some darker than others. But, when a muse captures my fancy, I whole heartedly enjoy scientific examination. At times I can be moved to examine with my heart, but not very often.



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