My most awesome news!

Today I found out a photograph of mine has been accepted into an art show that was apparently hard to get into. Out of over 160 entries, I was one of the 44 chosen. But the photo chosen was one of those shots that moved me to tears that I could capture such a moment and feeling.  Tomorrow the show will open, the winner announced. So much excitement! I would love to have a plus 1, but my gay boyfriend isn’t available and heaven forbid if I turn up with another local artist to fuel rumors! Regardless, it will be time to doll up, schmooze with artists who haven’t taken me seriously along with ones who have inspired and motivated me. So, wish me luck! I will post the photo after the show opens.


2 thoughts on “My most awesome news!

    1. Thank you. I did not place, but my piece sold less than 30 min of the shows opening! Its my first really big sale. Not to mention I got a $100 donation towards my City of Saints project!

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