My dearest friend

I know you miss me when I’m not around

I know you are happy with our familiarity

I know you would give me the protection I need

as long we don’t say I’m your’s or your mine.

Our playtime always leads to misfortune

you initiate, instigate, poke and prod

then it goes to far

and my skin you once found soft

you can’t let yourself touch

If there were a way for you to understand

I don’t want to own you

I know you will always come around

and all that mess in your head

I would untangle in a  heartbeat

but that is your job, not mine

and I am patient

Loyal, I am that to you in every way

my dearest friend

my favorite pal

no, we aren’t lovers and may never be

but partners, yes

against the world

for one another

just hold up your end

and stop cutting me down

when you feel too close

too exposed


I love you for who you are

not what you think I want you to be


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