Month: February 2014

Ill fall in line

When the night is cold
And I feel all alone
Can’t help but think
Of the things you show me
When you aren’t so scared

Laying in the floor
Looking up at you
So caught up in your head
When I want you caught up
In my arms

Don’t pull away
Ever think what could happen
If you let your body do
Everything it wants to
Do to me

If I could
I would take away
All those scars
Make your heart new again
But you are so caught up
In your past
But right now
Is the time to be had
And baby your missing out

When you are in that mood
My little heart pounds
So hard
When you pull my hair
I am limp
Ever so submissive
Under your piercing gaze
I welcome your scrutiny
Then you say
Ever so quietly
You just wish
I wasn’t all this

If I could
I would give you my soul
Trade it in
Just to take
Your past away
How I wish
You could feel
What it’s like
Just to be still
And live in the moment

I can be
You need me to be
Without ever
Changing who I am
Our time alone
no one ever has to
Really know
Whatever you’re ready for
I can so gladly give
Just flash that
Little boy smile
and ill fall in line


With all this cold and snow, I wish I could curl up like a cat at your side. I only can imagine laying with you and listening to the wind howl. Talking about all the wonderful things we want to make and how much we support each other. There doesn’t need to be any words even, or ever.