Month: February 2014

new adventure

A new adventure, you and me. Lets drive away, rob liquor stores on the way. Raise hell, make love, and participate in every vice possible. We were made for the night, to live undercover and on the lamb. Your the boss, applesauce, and you can be mine all you want. Say goodbye to the ho hum of every day life, live on the edge with me. I’ll be Bonnie, you be Clyde.


In love with a ghost

my feelings for him are the same
as when I was a girl
laying eyes on him for the first time
at my father’s suggestion
I knew he would be
the archetype of men
I would be attracted to
the rest of my life.

my rebel lover
so moody and brooding
with the swagger
of a tormented soul
your ghost forever haunts me.

I wish I could have known you.
what I would give to kiss
those divine lips
run my fingers down his back
and cupping the most fabulous ass
a man could ever have.

I miss you,
and will be forever haunted by you.
I will love you
and dream of you always,
my rock star,
Jimmy Dean.

My mantra

My mantra today will be happy, happy, happy. I will block numbers of those who offend me, I will play with my kids uninterrupted, and not one single person gets to burden me.

Good grief! I have read some of the sweetest things on here by men! Kinda makes me want to vomit, and that is not to be taken in offense. I had zero expectations for the day, why on earth would I? But what I did get has just left me flabbergasted! Never have I been treated in such a fowl manner, out of nowhere no less.
I am convinced I will die alone, never be kissed, much less be intimate ever again. These are things I pretty much take in stride. I lost hope a long time ago. And, I see such lovely things men write and wonder if their muses ever know how lucky they are?
Trust me, this is no pity party, life is just the way it is without explanation. But, I know my value, my worth, the heartfelt kindness I give. I work in front of a mirror every day, I see soft pale skin, red lips, the most beautiful head of long hair ever. I’m gorgeous on an off day, and fuck you if you think its conceit. But my inside matches the out through and through.
I would have been happiest today if my time lord showed up for our date, but it didn’t happen, again. Instead I had my head bit off, was the subject of gossip, and lost all respect for whom I had most for. Fuck you valentines day, fuck you very much!

Not one nice thing

Can’t think of anything nice to say!
One usually can’t
after a punch in the guts.
So here it comes
vomit you inspired..

You wear a mask
of charm
underneath you are hateful
and vile.
You ruin every good thing
that crosses your path
because of your arrogance
and conceit.
Your tantrums are
catastrophic to say the least.
You’re self destructive
and self loathing.
There is never,
not a single chance,
I will forgive again.

In short,
fuck you,