Month: January 2014

Friendship dies

Today I started missing it, tonight even worse. That dark emptiness washing through my body, tearing my guts out along with my heart. Loneliness is creeping in, skin desperate for his touch, just the thought of his fingers tangled in my hair bring longing to the surface.

It was delicious while it lasted, my only wish was to be understood. I was working so well within his boundaries and could have let things continue just the way they were. Its not everyday you make friends like that, maybe that’s why it couldn’t last. The sadness is seeping in while regret occupies my mind.

I forgot life without him was just, well life. There’s not much to look forward to anymore. He said he was planning my punishment, he executed it well.



I put a note
In my pocket
Hid my heart
Made sure to lock it

Someday maybe I
Will read It to you

Too many things
I hide
Remember this
I lie
And will push you
so far away
Some of us
weren’t made for love

That battle is to much
for me to fight

Remember that note?
It has your name

On your heart

Breaking mine into a million pieces

I remember seeing Christ all over you

And now I’m so afraid of what you are becoming

But I am future tripping I was told today,

God has hold of you

He is never going to let you go

His plans for you are good

And who knows how your journey will be

But know I love you

And wait for the day you come back to me


Job needed:  able companion Skills: able to look into the heart of the Tardis, fight Daleks with baseball bat, able to keep Jelly Babies handy, good with Sonic Screwdriver Payment needed: planets, time travel, adventure, and danger

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A flood of activity

Objective:  Archive my little stories, heartaches, and victories. Save them from decaying notebooks and tattered bits of scrap paper.

Most of my posts are a collective of older poetry. Although I am currently without a muse, I feel the need to save the moments when I have been capable of heart felt emotion towards individuals other than my offspring. Please enjoy, but if the reader has some connection to me, do not cast yourself as the leading role.