move a lil closer

Things are moving way to slow
sitting there, he’s lost in his head
My mind is screaming go
looking at him
squirming on his bed

He needs to move a little closer
it’s so hard to keep my hands to myself
I can’t wait,
come on over
let’s get to know each other well

He needs to give himself a break
his voice is
making me ache
Sitting there listening
like a perfect lady
when I just want to
kiss him like crazy

I want him
to move a little closer
so I can reach out
touch him with my fingertips
I want him
to move a little closer
So I can taste his kiss

I can see the future baby

Do you believe?

I’ll whisper a spell

In the form of a kiss

Take this cup in your hands

And drink of the

lie here beside me

Where its warm

So I can be your disease

Your large hands hold me

Hip bones to bruise me

Overpower me With your strength

Don’t forget Mister

In my scattered way

I want you to be mine

With her suitor gone…

Looks like this one is lost, darn. What did I do this time? Probably was too eager, too many mysteries revealed, and they weren’t even the good ones. I was interested, open, honest and that, I have learned is a big screw up. Oh well, guess I’m back to hoping to finding a man with a blue box!